2022 Alamo Navajo Virtual College/Career Fair - April 13, 2022

Updated: Apr 11

Join us on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 for the first ever Alamo Navajo Virtual College/Career Fair from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The Alamo Navajo School Board, Division of Community Services, and New Mexico Workforce Connection will host the 2022 Alamo Navajo Virtual College/Career Fair.

Colleges and training institutions, employers and military recruiters will provide information on educational, employment, and career opportunities. Meet with various agencies about available community resources.

This event is FREE to ALL!

Representatives from Colleges, Training Institutions, Employers, Workforce Partners and Community Agencies: Please Register to Reserve Your Virtual Booth

Please register to reserve your virtual booth at no cost to you. Each virtual booth can be customized using one of several professional templates by adding your logo, photos, and videos. Each virtual booth can have up to 10 Private Chat spaces in which representatives can talk one-on-one with individuals to answer questions and/or conduct interviews.

Additional information will be provided after you register.

Registration Closes Friday, April 8 at 5:00 p.m.

For ease of navigation for our attendees, we will have five pavilions/categories in which they can visit. Registrants can register to have a booth in more than one pavilion. Please complete a separate registration form for each one.

  • Colleges

  • Training Institutions

  • Employment

  • Military

  • Community Resources

This event is open to EVERYONE! All residents of New Mexico are welcome to attend this event, not just Alamo Navajo students and community members. EVERYONE must register to attend the event.

All attendees must register to attend this virtual event. Registration is FREE. Please click on the following link to register: ** 2022 Alamo Navajo Virtual College/Career Fair attendance registration **

FREE Virtual Workshops Available Every Week (except holidays)

Need help preparing your résumé and interview skills? New Mexico Workforce Connection has FREE virtual workshops available each week. Click on a link below for more information and to register:

Below are the representatives who have registered to attend

Check back frequently for updates

New Mexico Workforce Connection: Will provide information on Employment Services, WIOA Adult & Dislocated Worker Program, WIOA Youth Program,

Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc.:

UNM Valencia:

Albuquerque Police Department Recruiting Unit: Police Service Aides, Cadet and Lateral Police Officers,

Western New Mexico University:

Navajo Technical University:

NMSU-Doña Ana Community College:

Train It New Mexico:

Fort Lewis College:

Roswell Job Corps Center:

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:

UNM American Indian Student Services:

United States Forest Service: Vacancies across the country. Check

US Army:

Native American Career and Technical Education Program (NACTEP):

US Navy:

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell:

Good Samaritan Society: CNA, NA, Dietary Aide

UNavajo Nation Department of Personnel:



Administrative Service Centers

DCD13319371 236125 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Red Lake, NM 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13419162 236040 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Forest Lake, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13518469 236062 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Alamo, NM 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13719587 230101 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Kaibeto, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13720011 230097 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Coalmine Mesa, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13720178 230105 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Navajo Mountain, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13421539 236043 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Lukachukai, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13721935 210308 Community Services Coordinator (S) Tolani Lake, AZ 38,836.80 OUF

DCD13721936 230109 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Tolani Lake, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13621951 202845 Community Services Coordinator (S) Sanostee, NM 38,836.80 OUF

DCD13722669 210304 Community Service Coordinator (S) Navajo Mountain, AZ 38,836.80 OUF

DCD13622702 236152 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Red Mesa, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13622706 236161 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Teecnospos, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13422709 230000 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Black Mesa, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13422750 202766 Community Service Coordinator (S) Hardrock, AZ 38,836.80 OUF

DCD13422749 236057 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Rough Rock, AZ 27,519.84 OUF

DCD13323047 202832 Community Service Coordinator (S) Whitecone, AZ 38,836.80 03/31/2022

DCD13523190 236073 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Huerfano, NM 27,519.84 04/13/2022

DCD13523191 236072 Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Nahodishgish, NM 27,519.84 04/20/2022

DCD13323202 208467 Community Service Coordinator (S) Jeddito, AZ 38,836.80 04/14/2022

Capital Projects Management Department

DCD06722252 202660 Registered Architect (S) Window Rock, AZ 69,217.20 OUF

DCD06723053 244683 Contract Compliance Officer(S) Window Rock, AZ 45,226.08 03/31/2022

DCD06723143 201437 Programs and Project Specialist (S) Window Rock, AZ 41,488.56 04/08/2022

Community Housing & Infrastructure Department

DCD09223209 245094 Eligibilty Technician (S) Chinle, AZ 27,519.84 04/07/2022

DCD09223210 245095 Eligibilty Technician (S) Crownpoint, NM 27,519.84 04/07/2022


Department of Dine Education

DODE04420172 240136 Assistant Superintendent Window Rock, AZ 94,607.28 OUF

DODE04421896 203494 Accountant Window Rock, AZ 41,488.56 OUF

Navajo Head Start

DODE78222143 945703 HS Bus Driver (S) Pueblo Pintado, NM 16.69 OUF

DODE71422927 243475 HS Bus Driver (S) Rough Rock, AZ 16.69 04/08/2022

DODE74922926 945232 HS Bus Driver (S)(2 Pos) Window Rock, AZ 16.69 04/08/2022

DODE78522925 242965 HS Paraprofessional (S) Torreon, NM 18.18 04/08/2022

DODE83522924 945039 Head Start Classroom Teacher (S) Newcomb, NM 25.17 04/08/2022

DODE86823031 945159 Head Start Classroom Teacher (S) Inscription House, AZ 25.17 04/20/2022

DODE70122962 945904 Assistant Superintendent (S) Window Rock, AZ 45.31 03/31/2022

DODE70123060 243541 HS Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S) Window Rock, AZ 15.32 04/04/2022

DODE72923069 945544 Head Start Teacher (S) Pinon, AZ 19.63 04/25/2022

DODE87423112 241580 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Navajo Mountain, AZ 16.69 04/13/2022

DODE70123174 244881 Senior Accountant (S) (Temp) Window Rock, AZ 27.46 04/05/2022

DODE70923172 945602 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Dennehotso, AZ 16.69 04/12/2022

DODE71423159 243094 Head Start Classroom Teacher(S) Rough Rock, AZ 25.17 04/11/2022

DODE80223163 945695 Head Start Bus Driver (S)(2 Pos) Church Rock II, NM 16.69 04/12/2022

DODE81923165 945095 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Nageezi, AZ 16.69 04/12/2022

DODE85123170 945217 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Cameron, AZ 16.69 04/12/2022

DODE86023171 241328 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Tuba City, AZ 16.69 04/12/2022

DODE87623154 241572 Head Start Classroom Teacher(S) Shonto, AZ 25.17 04/11/2022

DODE87923167 948551 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Cow Springs, AZ 16.69 04/12/2022

DODE72323186 945521 Head Start Teacher(S) Cottonwood, AZ 19.63 04/13/2022

DODE72823184 945609 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Nazlini, AZ 16.69 04/13/2022

DODE74823187 945474 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Tsayatoh, AZ 16.69 04/20/2022

DODE85623188 945783 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Leupp, AZ 16.69 04/20/2022

DODE86823185 945195 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Inscription House, AZ 16.69 04/13/2022

DODE70123196 243767 Office Specialist (S) Window Rock, AZ 15.32 04/04/2022

DODE70123197 945577 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Pinon, AZ 16.69 05/05/2022

DODE73523199 945358 Fleet Coordinator (S) Window Rock, AZ 17.65 04/14/2022

DODE73923198 945454 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Lupton, AZ 16.69 04/14/2022

DODE71223236 945535 Head Start Classroom Teacher(S) Many Farms, AZ 25.17 04/25/2022

DODE71223259 945649 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Many Farms, AZ 16.69 05/10/2022

DODE75123260 941082 Head Start Bus Driver (S) Twin Lakes, NM 16.69 04/26/2022

Navajo Nation Library

DODE04423090 211708 Library Services Coordinator(S) Window Rock, AZ 42,226.08 04/05/2022

Office of Dine' Accountability & Compliance

DODE04422538 244473 Senior Education Specialist (S) (2 Pos) Window Rock, AZ 53,413.92 OUF

DODE04423232 200850 Education Program Manager (S) Window Rock, AZ 63,496.08 04/18/2022

Office of Dine' School Improvement

DODE04419694 934652 Senior Education Specialist Tuba City, AZ 53,413.92 OUF

DODE04421257 934648 Senior Education Specialist Window Rock, AZ 53,413.92 OUF

Office of Dine' Youth

DODE08020844 243957 Recreation Aide (S) (2 Pos) Tuba City, AZ 21,255.84 OUF

DODE08021018 200900 Recreation Aide (S)(4 Pos) Shiprock, NM 21,255.84 OUF

Office of Special Education & Rehabilitation Services

DODE04419111 240777 Developmental Specialist (S) Tuba City, AZ 45,226.08 OUF

DODE04419695 931502 Speech Language Pathologist (S) Gallup, NM 79,615.44 OUF

DODE04422182 941300 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (S) Chinle, AZ 45,226.08 OUF

DODE04423150 236213 Contract Compliance Officer (S) Chinle, AZ 45,226.08 04/11/2022

DODE04423245 940792 Rehabilitation Services Technician (S) Chinle, AZ 32,635.44 04/11/2022

Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance

DODE04820410 940760 Application Systems Programmer Window Rock, AZ 53,431.92 OUF


Karigan Professional Office Complex

DED01423241 150574 Building Maintenance Worker (S) St. Michaels, AZ 27,519.84 04/18/2022

Business Development

DED01423261 241020 Senior Economic Development Specialist (S) St. Michaels, AZ 53,431.92 04/19/2022


Department of Information Technology

DGS01822975 202603 Office Specialist (S) Window Rock, AZ 27,519.84 03/31/2022

Fleet Management Department

DGS02718763 202375 Auto Parts Technician (S) Tuba City, AZ 25,513.12 OUF

Navajo Air Transportation Department

DGS03621496 202515 Air Transportation Director (S) Window Rock, AZ ******DOE OUF

DGS03621690 240770 Aircraft Pilot (S) Window Rock, AZ ******DOE OUF

NN Benefits Program

DGS06621794 241007 Accountant(S) Window Rock, AZ 41,488.56 OUF

Risk Management Department

DGS02521375 204880 Senior Safety Technician (S) Window Rock, AZ 38,836.80 OUF

DGS02521377 234523 Senior Safety Technician (S) Fort Defiance, AZ 38,836.80 OUF

Insurance Service Department/Employee Benefits

DGS06621794 241007 Accountant (S) Window Rock, AZ 41,488.56 OUF

NN Telecommunications & Utilities Dept

DGS14020751 243882 Radio Technician Window Rock, AZ 32,635.44 OUF

Worker's Compensation Program

DGS12423105 235355 Office Specialist (S) Window Rock, AZ 27,519.84 03/30/2022


Behavioral & Mental Health Services

DOH07217969 941866 Clinical Psychologist (S) Shiprock, NM *****DOE OUF

DOH07217988 242027 Clinical Specialist (S) Shiprock, NM **DOE OUF

DOH07217991 945804 Clinical Family Therapist (S)(2 Pos) Shiprock, NM ***DOE OUF

DOH07218417 947976 Clinical Specialist (S) Crownpoint, NM **DOE OUF

DOH07218468 941869 Clinical Family Therapist (S) Gallup, NM ***DOE OUF

DOH07219051 947046 Clinical Director (S) Kayenta, AZ ****DOE OUF

DOH07219052 941627 Clinical Specialist (S) Tuba City, AZ **DOE OUF

DOH07219053 948222 Clinical Specialist (S) (2 Pos) Gallup, NM **DOE OUF

DOH07219073 947144 Clinical Specialist (S) Fort Defiance, AZ **DOE OUF

DOH07219955 947006 Clinical Director (S) Crownpoint, NM ****DOE OUF

DOH07220419 944749 Traditional Practitioner (S) Shiprock, NM 38,836.80 OUF

DOH07220420 944950 Cook (S) Shiprock, NM 25,243.92 OUF

DOH07220421 240449 Adaptive Education Teacher(S) Shiprock, NM 51,865.92 OUF

DOH07220654 943278 Prin Substance Abuse Counselor (7 Pos)(S) Shiprock, NM ******DOE OUF

DOH07220657 946012 Clinical Director (S) Kaibeto, AZ ******DOE OUF

DOH07220696 240034 Clinical Specialist-Intern (S) New Lands, AZ 53,431.92 OUF

DOH07222721 244791 Clinical Director (S) Window Rock, AZ ****DOE OUF

DOH07222864 944746 Traditional Practitioner (S) Dilkon, AZ 38,836.80 03/31/2022

DOH07223113 946480 Clinical Specialist (S) Chinle, AZ **DOE 04/27/2022

DOH07223114 243430 Senior Nutritionist (S) Shiprock, NM 49,318.56 04/13/2022

DOH07223151 240618 Clinicial Specialist-Intern (S) Gallup, NM 53,461.92 04/11/2022

DOH07223166 944925 Senior Substance Abuse Counselor (S) Shiprock, NM 32,635.44 04/05/2022

DOH07223234 942718 Registered Nurse (S) Shiprock, NM DOE 05/09/2022

DOH07223251 944746 Traditional Pracitioner (S) Tuba City, AZ 38,836.80 05/09/2022

Food Distribution Program

DOH03523227 940370 Warehouse Worker (2 Pos) Fort Defiance, AZ 23,155.92 04/11/2022

DOH03523228 940409 Warehouse Worker (2 Pos) Leupp, AZ 23,155.92 04/25/2022

DOH03523237 940365 Equipment Mechanic Church Rock, NM 35,558.64 04/11/2022

DOH03523238 940415 Food Distribution Truck Driver Kirtland, NM 30,004.56 04/18/2022

DOH03523240 940405 Food Distribution Truck Driver Leupp, AZ 30,004.56 04/18/2022

DOH03523243 946545 Food Distribution Truck Driver Fort Defiance, AZ 30,004.56 04/18/2022

DOH03523248 940395 Food Distribution Truck Driver Tuba City, AZ 30,004.56 04/18/2022

DOH03523254 949273 Nutrition Education Technician Teecnospos, AZ 30,004.56 04/18/2022

DOH03523256 940411 Eligibilty Technician Teecnospos, AZ 27,519.84 04/19/2022

DOH03523257 944716 Senior Budget Analyst Window Rock, AZ 49,318.56 04/19/2022

CHR & Outreach Program

DOH03819929 947820 Social Hygiene Technician (S) Tuba City, AZ 30,004.56 OUF

DOH03822989 943504 Community Health Worker (S) Burnham, NM 38,836.80 04/04/2022

DOH03823043 947839 Community Health Worker (S) Black Mesa, AZ 38,836.80 03/31/2022

DOH03823135 948884 Community Health Worker (S) Houck, AZ 38,836.80 04/07/2022

DOH03823147 943493 Community Health Worker (S) Bittersprings, AZ 38,836.80 04/25/2022

DOH03823148 947770 Community Health Worker (S) Coalmine Mesa, AZ 38,836.80 04/25/2022

DOH03823149 947732 Community Health Worker (S) Mexican Water, AZ 38,836.80 04/25/2022

DOH03823249 947750 Community Health Worker (S) New Lands, AZ 38,836.80 04/18/2022

Navajo Office of Environmental Health

DOH05023132 245128 Environmental Technician (Temp) Fort Defiance, AZ 25,243.92 03/31/2022

DOH05023133 245128 Environmental Technician (Temp) Shiprock, NM 25,243.92 03/31/2022

DOH05023134 245128 Environmental Technician (Temp) Tuba City, AZ 25,243.92 03/31/2022

Navajo Special Diabetes Project

DOH06319191 947179 Fitness Specialist (S) Teecnospos, AZ 38,836.80 OUF

DOH06321512 241783 Fitness Specialist (S)(2 Pos) Crownpoint, NM 38,836.80 OUF

DOH06322427 941748 Health Educator (S) Dilkon, AZ 41,488.56 OUF

DOH06323129 947190 Health Education Technician (S) Tuba City, AZ 30,004.56 04/06/2022

DOH06323130 244723 Custodian (S) Tuba City, AZ 23,155.92 04/14/2022

Department of Health

DOH06419189 941532 Systems & Programming Manager (S) Window Rock, AZ 69,217.20 OUF