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Annual Reports and Plans

The following links are for current and past SAWDB WIOA Annual Reports and the modified local plan. The annual report provides program information on WIOA services, success stories, funds expended, and labor market information. The local plan outlines the goals, strategies, and collaborative efforts that will be accomplished by the Board through PY23.

Adobe Reader is needed to view these files.

Annual Reports

   ► SAWDB 2021 WIOA Annual Report

   ► SAWDB 2020 WIOA Annual Report

   ► SAWDB 2019 WIOA Annual Report
   ► SAWDB 2018 WIOA Annual Report

   ► SAWDB 2017 WIOA Annual Report

   ► SAWDB 2016 WIOA Annual Report

Four-Year Plan

    ► Local Four-Year Workforce Plan PY2020-2023

    ► Local Four-Year Workforce Plan PY2020-2023 Modifications

  •  Concept Plans     

Career Pathways Plan

  ► Career Pathways Plan

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