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Policies, Regulations, & More

The following policies are primarily intended for use by workforce professionals. Original policies with signatures are available at the administrative offices of the workforce board.


Adobe Reader is needed to view the policies below. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can install a free copy by clicking on this link,

Local Workforce Policies

MOA's and MOU's

State Workforce Policies

The following link shows the State of New Mexico's Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act and regulations.

Adobe Reader is needed to view these files.

► WIOA State Policies

Federal Workforce Legislation & Regulations

The following link shows the U.S. Department of Labor regulations and federal legislation.

Adobe Reader is needed to view them.

► Code of Federal Regulations - WIOA 

► WIOA Directives

New Mexico State Records Center and Archives by the

New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC)

The following link is to the official updated NMAC as published by the NM State Records and Archives webpage.

► Chapter 2 - Job Training

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