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Recorded Workshop - Soft Skills and Personal Branding

Provided by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions

This workshop has been recorded and is available to download. Related documents are also available to download. See links below.

The Soft Skills in the Workplace workshop is for anyone and everyone who is ready to learn or build essential skills to maximize their success, both for their job search, and when they are in the workplace. These days employers are looking for employees who not only possess the hard skills needed for the position, but also critical soft skills that enhance performance. This workshop will help job seekers, new professionals, and even seasoned professionals acquire these skills and boost their image. You will be ready to take on your next professional adventure. Join us for the next Soft Skills in the Workplace workshop! 

Click here to download the recorded workshop.

Related documents are available for download:

Soft Skills and Personal Branding Workshop Worksheet

Soft Skills Self-Assessment-fillable

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