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Customized Training

Customized Training for Existing Employees
Do your employees have all their required skill sets, licenses, and certificates? Every year businesses invest in their company through employee training to be more competitive. If you require specific types of training for your employees as part of their jobs, then this federal program can reimburse your business 50% of certain training costs.

Quick Facts about Customized Training

  • Participants are existing permanent employees

  • Training is required for employees position

  • Participants must meet WIOA eligibility criteria 

  • Employers must be established legal entities and comply with the State of New Mexico Workers Compensation insurance requirements

  • Customized training is a method of providing individualized skills training

  • Your company's financials are NOT REQUIRED OR REQUESTED to participate in this program

  • A training contract must be completed prior to hiring

Is Your Business Eligible to Participate?

  1. Is your business a legal entity?

  2. Is your business registered with a state sales tax certificate, a state unemployment tax identification number, and a federal tax identification number?

  3. Is your business compliant with worker's insurance requirements?

  4. Is your business barred from entering into contracts that are funded with federal or state funds?


If you answered YES to questions 1 - 3, and NO to question 4, your business meets the initial eligibility requirements. If not, please contact the workforce center to learn more on how to meet the requirements.

Government organizations are also eligible to participate in the program when the job position is not funded by federal dollars.

Are There Different Reimbursement Levels?

No, there is only one reimbursement level for this program of 50%.

Employer Benefits

  • Monthly reimbursement of 50% of training cost

  • Tailored training

  • Quick approval time

What's My Next Step?

Start saving on your training costs today by contacting your nearest New Mexico Workforce Connection center.

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