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New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration - Early Return to Work Initiative - August 20, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

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New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration - Early Return to Work Initiative

Stand out in this job seeker market and be recognized as a Return-to-Work (RTW) Champion by the State of New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration.

Establish yourself as a family friendly business while retaining your recovering workers. As the RTW Specialist for the WCA, I am highlighting our RTW Best Practices to help you stand out even more as employee friendly business. Keep reading each month for additional RTW help.

RTW Best Practice # 3 – Get buy-in! Train supervisors and continually communicate your RTW policy to employees. Ensuring there are no surprises will help the recovering worker navigate this confusing and vulnerable time which can cut down recovery time and costs associated with the workers’ comp claim.

“Negative responses from the injured worker’s supervisor resulted in disability that lasted twice as long or more.”

-- Dr. Glenn Pransky “Supportive Communications Especially Important for Older Injured Workers”

  • As injury “first responders,” supervisors affect the success of the employer’s RTW Program and can cost your business money.

    • If a supervisor treats a worker badly post-injury, how likely are they to want to return-to-work for that employer?

    • You may just sour that employee-employer relationship for good which in turn costs money in prolonged claim costs and possibly even legal fees

  • Train/remind your supervisors of the “Golden Rule” – Treat others as you would like to be treated

Tools to help you achieve this Best Practice are available for download on our WCA website:

Also, access our full "RTW Tool Kit" for even more help on your RTW program: RTW Tool Kit

Plus - we have Spanish versions of the supervisor templates and offer free in-person educational field visits to your place of business to speak to your supervisors on RTW.

For more help and/or to participate in our free consult program contact me at:

Marietta Y. Valdez

Return to Work Specialist

NM Workers’ Compensation Administration

Phone: 575.524.6034 Fax: 575.524.6249



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