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Live Free Google Webinar, Hosted by Community Action Agency of SNM - July 29, 2020

Sharing for Community Action Agency of SNM

On July 29th, 2020, CAA will be hosting a free #GrowWithGoogle virtual workshop to support and celebrate our local businesses in New Mexico. This LIVE webinar will be facilitated by Maria Elena Duron, Grow with Google Professional Trainer.

Local business owners (and the general public) are invited to join a webinar to come learn how free tools & resources can help them grow.

See below the 7 things you will miss if you do not attend this webinar:

1. How to claim your Google My Business Profile.

2. The steps needed to be found online.

3. How to evaluate your website.

4. How to evaluate your website speed on a mobile device and how it's affecting your business.

5. What to measure from your marketing that impacts your bottom-line.

6. What part of your site matters when being searched.

7. The chance to ask your questions!

Please join us during this important event so that we can also celebrate Google’s commitment to local businesses.



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