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Film Industry Careers with Doña Ana Community College - December 8, 2020

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

The film industry has seen tremendous growth in New Mexico. Filming is currently on hold during the COVID pandemic creating a backlog of films waiting to be produced. Once COVID restrictions are lifted and filming can begin, employers will seek talent for many positions all across the state. Positions include, but are not limited to: painters, builders, plumbers, electricians, make-up artists, media arts, and more. Tax incentives are available to employers who hire New Mexico residents. However, the talent pool of qualified New Mexicans does not meet the demand. In the Southwestern region, New Mexico Workforce Connection has partnered with Film Las Cruces, New Mexico State University, and Doña Ana Community College to train those interested in pursuing a high-paying career in the film industry. For those who would like to start on a new career path toward the film industry, degrees and certificates are available at Doña Ana Community College. Individuals skilled in the various trades are required to be certified to work in the film industry. This certification is also available at Doña Ana Community College. New Mexico Workforce Connection's Tuition Assistance program can help qualified students with tuition, books, equipment, technology, travel, child care, and more. The following programs available at Doña Ana Community College are eligible for the Tuition Assistance program:

  • Pre-Architecture - Certificate of Completion

  • Pre-Architecture - Associate of Applied Science

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - Certificate of Completion

  • Game Development - Associate of Applied Science

  • Film Technician Training Program (FTTP) - Certificate of Completion

  • Digital Graphics Technology - Associate of Applied Science

  • Digital Film - Associate of Applied Science

  • Commercial Photography - Certificate of Completion

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician - Industry-Certification, non-credit

​​ If you are interested in a career in the film industry, contact New Mexico Workforce Connection to learn more about the Tuition Assistance program and other services available. Patrick Madrid, Talent Development Team Supervisor (575) 652-2642


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