Search for an After School Job

Work Experience Training: The Youth Program offers eligible youth the opportunity to gain paid or unpaid work experience with a participating employer in your community.  Job readiness training is provided prior to beginning the work experience phase.  Job readiness training consists of learning the fundamental expectations that employers have with employees, such as, dressing appropriately for the job, arriving to work ahead of time, notifying the employer of an absence or tardiness, as well as how to work with others.

Eligibility: An individual must be between the ages of 14-24, low income and meet at least one of the following barriers to employment:

  1. School dropout (individual is no longer attending any school and has not received a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent);
  2. Basic skills deficient (individuals that have English, writing or computing skills at or below the 8th grade level on a generally accepted standardized test;
  3. Foster child
  4. Pregnant or parenting
  5. Individuals with disabilities, including learning disabilities
  6. Homeless or runaway youth
  7. Offenders or
  8. Meets the local workforce board's definition of an eligible youth facing serious barriers.

Take the First Step Today: Contact us at the closest workforce center to you and ask to speak with a youth services representative.