Job Seekers

Whether you're looking to advance your career, find your next job or want to go back to school, we're here to help in your search.  You're a couple of clicks away to accessing thousands of job openings.  Employers need job seekers with many types of skill sets and experience.  There are also jobs that don't require any experience at all.  We can help with the variety of services listed below!

List of services:

  • Post Your Resume for Employers to View
  • Find out About Job Openings (including work experience, internships and community service)
  • Search for a Job Opening
  • Get Help Preparing Your Resume
  • Get Help Preparing for Job Interviews
  • Learn About Strategies for Finding a Job
  • Learn About Jobs in Demand and Rates of Pay
  • Learn About Jobs and Careers Suitable for You
  • Get Information About Employers in Your Local Area
  • Learn About What Employers Expect of Their Workers
  • Need a GED? - Ask Us How
  • We Can Help You Get Job Skills and an Education through Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance for a certificate or degree:  Through the Workforce Investment Act program, you may be eligible to receive up to $4,000 in federal funds (not a loan) to help pay for a degree or certificate program. In addition, you may be eligible for On-the-Job training programs. 

Important Tips to Know When Looking for a Job? Your first impulse may be to grab the help-wanted section or surf the Web for job ads. But your job search will be more effective if you first take the time to create a plan.

Keep these two job-hunting truths in mind: 

Job hunting takes time. Whether you're currently unemployed or working 50 hours a week, it's important to commit as much time as you reasonably can to job search activities.

Job hunters need goals and a schedule. Job search scheduling and goal setting should be done daily and weekly. For example, block out the hours you've committed to the search and identify what you plan to accomplish. If you set 9-11 a.m., Monday, for library research, your goal could be to identify 10 new employers you can pursue. Tuesday's goal could be contacting the 10 new employers you identified Monday. Tuesday, 1-3 p.m., may be scheduled for making direct telephone contacts. Be realistic, but challenge yourself.


Take the First Step Today: Create a plan, and click here to view the jobs available or contact the closest workforce center.  Our team is waiting to assist you with your needs - there are no fees for these services.