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La Clinica de Familia Recruitment Event

Monday, February 22, 2021 via Zoom

La  Clinica de Familia in Las Cruces partnered with New Mexico Workforce  Connection to host this Virtual Recruitment Event. LCDF staff shared information about the opportunities they currently have available which include:

  • Therapist

  • Dentist

  • Physician/CNP

  • Staff Nurse

  • CMA

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • ACT Clinical Director

  • Case Manager

  • Pharmacist

  • Recruiter

To apply, please visit their website

Questions and Answers

The following are common questions and answers about La Clinica

de Familia.

Q:  How many hours a week are these positions?

A:  Most of our positions are 40 hours. More information about each position is available on our website:

Q:  Are any of these vacancies work-at-home/telework positions?

A:  Due to COVID, some positions are working remotely/onsite. We do not have any positions that are fully remote.

Q:  Do any of these positions require visiting people at their home?

A:  Yes. Positions in the ACT department, CCSS, BMS. Some EHS staff will have to do home visits.

Q:  What safeguards do you have in place for COVID-19?

A:  All  employees are screened upon arrival at work. Employees are required to  quarantine if they have been in contact with someone who tests positive.  Masks and social distancing are required at work.

Q:  Are these positions considered essential and will LCDF provide the COVID vaccine to their employees?

A:  Vaccines are available to employees permitting we have some.

Q:  If I apply, how long will it take to hear from someone?

A:  It varies by position.

Q:  Will interviews be conducted in-person or virtually?

A:  It depends on the hiring manager.


For more information,

contact La Clinica de Familia staff

Maria George or Crystal Jacquez at 575-526-1105.

You can also contact

New Mexico Workforce Connection staff

Giselle Palomares at 575-524-6520 ext. 1021 or
Eric Sanchez at 575-524-6250 ext. 1014 or visit

Click the following video to view the recorded event...

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