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SW Region Town Hall: Dislocated Worker

Friday, January 22, 2021 via Zoom

Project  Director Yvette Bayless and Program Analyst Eric Rivera, both with WIOA  Adult & Dislocated Worker Programs, defined Dislocated Worker and  shared programs available at no cost.

Angela  Gallegos, Unemployment Insurances Specialist with the Department of  Workforce Solutions shared basic information about Unemployment  Insurance and benefits.

Josh Orozco, Southwestern Area Workforce Development Board Chair, was the Moderator.

To  protect the privacy of individuals, customer-specific questions related  to Unemployment Insurance claims were not addressed in this Town Hall.

Questions and Answers

The following are questions and answers not shared live during the Town Hall.

Q:  How is Unemployment insurance handling those in the DACA program?

A:   If they meet eligibility requirements and are authorized to work in the  United States, then Yes, they would be eligible for benefits.

Q:  I spend hours calling the Unemployment Insurance call center trying to reach someone. Why won't people answer the phone?

A:   Hundreds of people call the the UI call center each day and there are  only so many phones and staff available to answer. When they assist  customers, calls can take quite a bit of time. To help alleviate the  high volume of calls, the Department of Workforce Solutions has  designated call days based on the last digit of your social security  number.

0-3: Monday

4-6: Tuesday

7-9: Wednesday

Missed your day: Thursday & Friday


Additional Resources

Please visit the following links for additional resources related to Unemployment Insurance

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions > Unemployment (

Unemployment Insurance FAQs (

SSO_Getting_Started_E_S.pdf (

NMDWS - YouTube

Click the following video to view the recorded event...

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