As an employer, you're needing a better way to sort through thousands of job seekers with the right skills needed to help your organization stay competitive.  Our services can help you find the right candidate for your job opening and help you reduce your turnover costs.

How do we do it?  Our database categorizes each job seeker into certain occupational categories, based on skill sets, credentials, and interests.  You can search for candidates by occupational category to narrow the list of candidates you wish to contact.  In addition, we can do a skills analysis on your job opening and match it to the skills assessments that were done with job seekers - this provides a better job match between you and the candidates. 



List of Services

  • Job Candidate Search
  • Post Job Openings
  • Pre-Screening of Job Candidates
  • Search for Veteran Candidates
  • Get Training Cost Reimbursement
  • Job Applicant Skill Testing
  • Learn Strategies for Recruiting Employees
  • Learn How to Interview Job Applicants Effectively
  • Learn How Analyze and Create Job Descriptions
  • Learn How to Access Wages by Occupation

Take the First Step Today: Click here to search for job seekers (then click on "Find a Candidate" under the Business Services icon) or contact the closest workforce center.  Our team is waiting to assist you with your needs - there are no fees for these services.