Employer Services During COVID-19

At New Mexico Workforce Connection Southwestern Region, we want to take a moment to thank you for allowing us to continue to work for you. With the presence of COVID-19, we want to ensure you we are still here offering the same services you have grown accustomed to.


Many employers look to us to post their job opportunities for free. While we typically have a hefty pool of qualified candidates at our fingertips, the number of job seekers available dwindled at the onset of COVID-19. We would like to share the changes we have observed in our workforce communities along with some suggestions on how you can help.

Why we are seeing fewer job seekers during COVID pandemic
  • Some individuals are hoping for a second round of stimulus payments or extended unemployment insurance benefits

  • Some Individuals have children at home. Parents are assisting with virtual learning and/or childcare.
  • Some public transportation services have shortened their routes, reducing their service area.

  • Homelessness. Some individuals who lost their job also lost their home.

  • Some individuals are concerned businesses in the service industry will close again.

  • Maximum capacity within businesses is effecting the service industry and earning potential.

  • Unprecedented volume of unemployed has increased the volume of customers at some businesses. Maintaining social distancing and a safe work environment can be a concern.

What New Mexico Workforce Connection is doing to help Employers
  • Virtual Job Fair. Virtual job fairs provide an opportunity for employers to speak to the public about the business, the positions available, and what they are doing to make their business a safe work environment. In turn, these job fairs are an opportunity for job seekers to ask the employers questions in an open space.

  • Free Job Advertising. Job vacancies are posted on the New Mexico Workforce Connection Online System and available for the public to see. In the Southwestern Region, we will also post your vacancies on our social media.

  • Business Solutions. New Mexico Workforce Connection staff can provide free labor market evaluation and make recommendations. Get information on the labor force & unemployment, employment & industry, occupations & wages, employment projections, and more. Staff can help employers with writing job description. See wages of other employers and offer competitive wages to make your vacancies more desirable.

Steps for employers to consider
  • NM Safe Certified. NM Safe Certified trains New Mexico businesses in COVID-Safe Practices to help ensure everyone remains safe as New Mexico reopens for business. In another region, NM Safe Certified businesses have seen an increase in job applications and business.  

  • Las Cruces Safe Promise. Las Cruces Safe Promise is the Las Cruces version of NM Safe Certified, but more localized. Businesses displaying the NM Safe Certified decal have seen an increase in business.

  • Labor Market Information. As described under Business Solutions above, contact your local New Mexico Workforce Connection and staff can assist you with obtaining labor market information.

  • Offer Flexible Hours for Parents. Get to know the needs of your employees and offer a flexible schedule. Perhaps a parent needs to be home during the day to provide child care and/or assist with online learning, but is available to work evenings or weekends.