March 26, 2020 - From New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions - The Daily Source

Mar 26th, 2020
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The Daily Source

The Department of Workforce Solutions will not be charging employers for benefits paid out to claimants. Non-charging of employers for all qualified claims shall begin with claims filed as of March 16th or later until further notice. Non-chargeability only applies in the event that employers respond timely and adequately to all correspondence and communications from the Department. Employers that fail to timely or adequately respond remain potentially liable in accordance with NMAC 11.3.300.308.

Waiver of the charges for new claims related to COVID-19 separations will apply to both reimbursable and contributory employers.  

Things to note:


  • The New Mexico Workforce Connection Centers across the state continue to function on a limited basis. Please advise individuals to contact the office by phone first. Do not direct people to go to the office directly as some offices are by appointment only and some are not open to the public at this time.


  • Individuals who need to apply for Unemployment Insurance will no longer need to set up and/or link their New Mexico Workforce Connection (JOBS) account before being allowed access to apply for Unemployment Insurance. After an individuals creates an account they will go directly to the “My Workforce Connection” page.


  • If individuals have had challenges accessing My Workforce Connection in the past, please advise them to try again, now that the linking step has been removed.



The latest information on COVID-19 and resources around the state can be found at


Be safe, practice social distancing, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. 


Remember to be patient and kind with each other. We’re in this as a team.

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