WIOA Policies, Regulations, and More

The following policies are primarily intended for use by workforce professionals.  Adobe Reader is needed to view the policies below.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can install a free copy by clicking on this link, http://get.adobe.com/reader/.  


Local Workforce Policies and Four-Year Plan


12-02     Eligibility Policy

                ► STAG - Attachment to Eligibility

                ► Basic Skills Deficiency Definition for Adults/DW and Youth

13-01     Contract Signature Authority Policy

15-01     Contract Procedure Policy (Not for training contracts)

17-01    Oversight  Monitoring Policy

17-03     On-the-Job Training Policy

17-08.2  ITA Policy (Effective 11.01.18)

               ► SWAGL 15 - 1 ITA Waiver Request Letter

               ► SWAGL 17 - 02 Occupation in Demand/Labor Market Analysis

17-09.1  Supportive Services Policy

17-11     Eligible Training Provider List Policy

17-12     Technical Assistance and Training Policy

17-16     Self-Sufficiency Policy

17-17     One-Stop Delivery System Policy

17-18     Follow-Up Policy



17-19     Electronic Files Content Management

17-20     Incumbent Worker Training Activities

17-21     Performance Policy

17-22     Conflict of Interest Policy

18.01     Contract Approval Authority

18-02     Co-Enrollment Policy

18-03     Youth Additional Assistance Policy

18-04     Youth Activities Policy

18-05     Referral Process Policy

18-06     Veteran's Referral Process Policy

18-07     Use of Assessments Policy

18-08     Board Meeting Accessibility Policy


      WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services STAG July 2015

►  Four-Year Local Workforce Plan

State Workforce Policies

The following link shows the State of New Mexico's Workforce Investment Act policies.  These policies are in effect during the 2015 Program Year and amended to comply with the federal Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act and regulations.    Adobe Reader is needed to view them.

WIOA State Policies

Federal Workforce Legislation & Regulations

The following link shows the U.S. Department of Labor regulations and federal legislation.  Adobe Reader is needed to view them.

WIOA Final Rules - Issued on August 19, 2016

Code of Federal Regulations - WIOA 

► WIOA Directives

WIOA Operating Guidance


Southwestern Area Workforce Development Board (SAWDB) 2016 WIOA Annual Report

The following link is for the SAWDB 2016 WIOA Annual Report. This report will provide program information on the WIOA services, success stories, funds expended, and labor market information.    Adobe Reader is needed to view this.

SAWDB 2016 WIOA Annual Report

SAWDB 2017 WIOA Annual Report


New Mexico State Records Center and Archives by the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC)

The following link is to the official updated NMAC as published by the NM State Records and Archives webpage.

Chapter 2 - Job Training